Just for MEN

man relaxing with a nice facial lotion

Just for Men…

“In order to be successful you must first project the image of success.”

PowerFacial-An Invigoration experience for the skin. Deep cleansing, refreshing treatment to nourish the skin, prevent in-grown hairs and promote vitality. 60mins $110
GroomingManicure-includes:Aromatic nail soak, cuticle trim & repair, nail shaping and Invigorating Hand & Arm massage. 40mins $50

PowerManicure– includes the grooming manicure and a skin refreshing callous removal with skin softening treatment. 60mins $65
GroomingPedicure-aromatic soak, callous removal, manicure nails, invigorating foot massage. 45mins $60

PowerPedicure-Includes grooming Pedicure plus botanical power scrub with skin softening treatment. 60mins $75
Back Facial– Minimize impurities on the back, clarify and tone the skin Includes a 30 min relaxing massage. 60mins $115

Hair & Scalp strengthening treatment $65

Scalp massage $35

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