Indulge in our Signature Spa Collection from a wealth of today’s healing cultural           therapies from around the world. Holistic experiences that rejuvenate and de-stress your mind, body and uplift your spiritual senses. Discover personal joy and instant calm with any of our spa experiences and create your very own  “soulful retreat”.

As you embrace the spa culture you open your mind and body to a new way living, the feel good factor in  everything you do. At the Spa at the Glenerin Inn, our team of professionals take pride in delivering high quality services that  leave you with a sense of well-being and gratitude towards being good to yourself. Our team has inherited a mindset that we  are in service of you and your life. A contribution to the time you create for your personal, pampering escapes.  We invite you to  look through our full spa treatment menu and choose an experience that is spa perfect!


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