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1-person-sauna-lgInfrared Sauna

As Seen on Oprah….Dr. OZ rolls out the sauna as the next life extension tool…

Session Fees:

40 mins-$35

5 sessions- $120

10 sessions-$220

Understanding the Infrared Sauna.

Infrared saunas differ from traditional saunas because they operate at a temperature of 90-145 F compared to a traditional sauna that operates at 185-230 F. This allows you to be able to breathe comfortably and enjoy the benefits for extended periods of time. Because the infrared rays safely and comfortably penetrate the skin up to 2″ deep, even your organs and deep tissues are stimulated. This induces sweating 2-3 times as much as a conventional sauna. Infrared saunas use only 20% of the infrared energy

Far infra red rays or FIR are completely safe and beneficial to the human body. They are so safe that doctors use them in hospitals to warm newborn babies. FIR are naturally occurring and are the beneficial portion of sunlight that we can receive. To fully understand FIR, picture yourself sunbathing outside on a warm day and a cloud is overhead. Once the cloud moves on and the rays are now directly on your body you start to feel warmer. From the sun, your body is being heated by FIR. Another example would be placing a thermometer in the sun and one in the shade. The thermometer in the sun is warmed by FIR and will read higher, but the outside air temperature is still the same. Infrared heaters in the sauna operate the same way as natural sunlight but without the harmful side effects of solar radiation.

Weight Loss and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Sweating away those calories, slimming that waist line and helping with weight loss has never been easier than relaxing in a Far North far infrared sauna. Not only will you be increasing your metabolism but you will also be detoxifying your body of toxic chemicals and substances such as lead, zinc, nickel and mercury that have been absorbed, inhaled or ingested into your body. While you are relaxing in a Far North far Infrared sauna the heat generated is being absorbed deep into the body. There is a substantial increase in heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate while using a Far North far infrared sauna. Because our body expends energy to produce sweat (1g sweat requires 0.586 kcal), this means that your body can safely burn up to 300 to 500 calories in just one 30 minute session; with sweat loss equivalent to running 10-15km. As an added benefit, your basal metabolic rate rises meaning you will burn calories at an elevated rate for hours after your session has finished. This can translate to a benefit of up to 800 calories from a single session. With all that said, engaging in 30 minutes of exercise at least 3-5 times per week and eating a well-balanced diet is still part of a healthy lifestyle and should not be solely replaced by using a Far Infrared Sauna for weight loss.

Improves Appearance of Cellulite
Cellulite is a common term used to describe pockets of trapped fat under the skin which causes uneven dimpling of the skin. It appears in over 90% of women over the age of 20 and is rarely seen in males. The most common areas tend to be the buttocks, thighs and the abdomen. It is not necessarily related to obesity as it does occur in people that are overweight, average or thin. Cellulite is a combination of connective tissue pulling in on your skin and fatty deposits and fibrosis pushing out against your skin, giving the uneven appearance of cellulite. Because the far infrared produced in a Far North Sauna penetrates the skin up to 2 inches, it is significantly more effective at helping to reduce cellulite. Studies show that slowing the metabolic rates and storage of toxins in fat cells are directly related. Far infrared therapy can help to increase heart rate and localized blood circulation. This can help to reverse the build-up of liquids in the fat cells and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Detoxification and Far Infrared Sauna Therapy

Far infrared sauna therapy has become the treatment protocol of choice for many doctors detoxification programs. The analysis of far infrared sauna produced sweat shows that is made up of 80 to 85% water, the remaining 15 to 20% contains sodium, other trace minerals, fat soluble toxins, sulphuric acid, uric acid, ammonia, cholesterol and heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury ( This is up to 6 times the amount of toxins and heavy metals found in traditional sweat) . These toxins are most concentrated just under the skin in the subcutaneous layer of the body and are associated with numerous health problems. A simple way to increase sweat production is to exercise until you break into a sweat, or you can use far infrared sauna therapy (FIRT). Far infrared sauna therapy is a far more effective method of removing these toxins because its effect is concentrated on the subcutaneous tissue layer. It is an easy and safe method of increasing the subcutaneous and core temperature of the body, which will cause you to sweat and to detoxify the body.

By its direct heating effects on the body, far infrared sauna therapy mobilizes toxins from our fat cells where they are stored, increases circulation, and thus aids in elimination of these toxins through perspiration. 30-50% of the population does not adequately perspire, not effectively mobilizing and eliminating the toxins in their bodies which they are exposed to each day. Far infrared sauna therapy improves functioning of the temperature regulating parts of our brains. This increases perspiration, and removes perspiration interfering products to further stimulate excretion of toxins from our body.

Implementing the use of Far infrared sauna therapy into your life style has many benefits and can help you to become much healthier. FIRT increases your metabolic rate enough to produce a sweat, which will detoxify and can also help you lose weight, it can increase your immune function, reduce your stress levels, improve cardiovascular function, and help alleviate pain. It is important that you drink more water when using FIRT to detoxify because the water is needed to help you to produce more sweat and you need to replace the water lost through sweating. A well hydrated body is essential for optimal physiological function and critical when using a far infrared sauna. Far infrared sauna is very safe and easy to use, while being highly effective in improving your health and preventing disease.

Far Infrared Sauna and how it benefits:

  • Arthritis
  • Pain Relief
  • Back Pain
  • Skin Conditions
  • Sleep problems
  • Stress Relief
  • Sports health and injuries


What People have to say:

“If you’re using painkillers for arthritis, you’re not addressing the problem you just need more and more painkillers. By using far infrared therapies to help treat arthritic conditions we see an increased production of endorphins which are painkillers and decreased inflammation which causes the muscles to relax and helps restore normal joint function. “

” The best way to get rid of heavy metals and pesticide residues? The infrared saunas. It has been known for decades that sweating is a wonderful way to get rid of stored chemicals, including heavy metals. In fact, sauna is one of the detoxification procedures used in the environmental units in Dallas (Dr. William Rea) and North Charleston (Dr. Allan Lieberman) where the sickest of folks go to heal. But many people, myself included, never could tolerate a sauna. We felt weak, sick, fast heart rate, faint, dizzy, headachy, or just miserable. Thanks to improved technology, the infrared sauna is tolerated much better, because it uses a heat energy that penetrates the tissues better, allowing an overall lower temperature to be used.”

” Fibromyalgia is a disease that responds very well to far infrared therapy.It helps to decrease the pain, remove the inflammation, make the patient more comfortable which helps them sleep and function better. We have seen it reverse the process and have dramatic impact in patients with fibromyalgia after they’ve had FIRT.”

“What I have found is that my patients that have had the far infrared therapy seem to over the next few days have a lot less pain and the healing time is decreased. A typical injury that might last two weeks is lasting only a week. “

” For centuries healthcare providers have used topical heat to relieve minor aches and pains, but today we are just beginning to understand the full range of therapeutic benefits that heat offers.Through new clinical research, we have found that heat activates complex neurological, vascular and metabolic mechanisms to mediate the transmission of pain signals and effectively provide relief for a variety of pain conditions . “

” With skin condition I’ve noticed with far infrared sauna therapy it can be very effective for patients who are dealing with conditions such as psoriasis, eczema or Acne. FIRT supports the body’s ability to heal on its own because you’re eliminating through the skin more effectively. You’re also helping with the inflammatory response that the skin is often suffering from resulting in fewer and less severe outbreaks. 

” My patients are responding extremely well far infrared therapy. They are feeling very relaxed, they feel they’ve got a lot more energy during the day, they are sleeping better and they seem to be healing faster from their injuries.

” With far infrared therapies you have increased cardiac function, increased metabolic function and increased vascular dilation. Those components help to increase the health of the heart and help to restore cardiovascular functions. It’s like being a runner, only don’t have to run.”

” One of the nicest side effects we were not expecting was the stress relief. This is very understated and undervalued benefit to the sauna. After a 30 minute session in my Far North Wellness sauna, I come out of it feeling like a new man. I see many patients where stress is causing their health problems and we have started to add it to all of our stress management programs. “

” Improved Metabolism: I had heard of this in the infrared saunas, but was very pleasantly surprised to see it was actually true. I had personally noticed fat loss and increased energy from our Far North Wellness infrared sauna as well as sleeping better. I decided to run functional medicine testing to confirm this and found my basic metabolic rate had actually increased.”


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